16 abr. 2014

A guide to AutoPlay problem solution


So you downloaded AutoPlay and it is not working? Do not worry. Let me will guide you through some steps and verifications to know why AutoPlay is not working properly, what can you do to make it work or understand why it can not work in your case.

Note for Samsung users: currently Samsung Music Player Player always captures "play" commands, so no other music player will work with AutoPlay nor headphones with integrated controls. The bug has been already sent to Samsung.

Step 1:
So, you put your earphones on your device and...

a) Nothing happens.
 Please, go to step 2.
b) A message says that you do not have installed the music player selected.
You configured AutoPlay to start a music player when you plug your earphones but that music player could not be launched, probably because it has been uninstalled and no longer available..
Solution :  Start AutoPlay and change the music player that should be launched when you plug your earphones:
  • None: no music player is launched
  • Default music player: your music player by default will be launched.
  • Selected program: Choose the music player you want to start when earphones are plugged.
c) A music player is launched, but the music does not start playing.
Your music player must be able to accept "play commands" that some earphones with integrated controls send.
If your music player cannot respond to these commands, AutoPlay is unable to start the music.
Conclusion : I am deeply sorry but AutoPlay does not work with your music player because it is not able to accept "play commands".
If your device is a Samsung and the player started is the Google Music Player, then you can disable the latter to make the Samsung one to be the default player. This can be done in the Setting icon, in the application manager.
d) One music player is launched but a different one plays the music.
It seems that you chose a music player, but your device has another one that is capturing the "play commands".
Solution : You can setup AutoPlay to not launch a specific music player and use the  default one of your system.
Your can also uninstall or disable your system default music player if you want yo use your own.

Step 2:
We are closer to the solution of the problem. Now we will do some tests.

Please, start manually your music player and then exit from it.
Now plug your earphones.
The result is that...
a) Nothing happens.
Your music player does not use a service to receive "play commands". Please go to step 3.
b) the music starts to play.
 Your music player seems to use a service to listen to "play commands" and it also seems that this service does not start automatically when you power up your device.
Solution : Please, open AutoPlay and choose your music player. Next time you plug your earphones AutoPlay will launch your music player before send the "play command". This way the music player service will be already started when AutoPlay send the "play" command.

Step 3:
Now please reopen your music player and plug again your earphones.

Does the music play?

Your music player can only hear "play commands" while it is on foreground. 
Conclusion : I am sorry, but AutoPlay can not start playing the music because your music player is not able to receive and execute "play commands" when it is on background or the device screen is off.
Conclusion : I am sorry, but your music player is not able to listen for "play commands" even when it is on foreground.
I hope that this guide helped you, but if it does not do not worry. Just send me an e-mail and I will personally help you.

Thank you.

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